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Does your current job no longer meet your expectations?

Are you tired of working in a mediocre environment with little retribution or satisfaction? Are you eager to invest yourself into a position where you have a true opportunity to make a difference?

Then consider joining the Saylor Physical Therapy team!

Our unique business model is an ideal environment for therapists who have the INITIATIVE and MOTIVATION to grow. Every single one of our beautiful clinics is designed to serve each patient with ONE full hour of treatment, every session, with the same therapist in a private environment.

Yes! This means every therapist only treats ONE patient per hour and has a private office. In addition we assist with continuing education, offer a competitive salary and flexible schedules.

Our accelerated growth is catapulted by the very principles we are founded on. We strive to provide every member of our team with the opportunity to succeed and attain gratification in their career.

Our staff is tremendously involved in the growth of their clinic, and not only take pride in being part of our team, but are highly encouraged to maintain an excellent standard of care. We emphasize a heavily manual approach and have broaden our specialty certifications based on each therapists interests and current clinical research.

We are currently considering only full-time applicants. If you are ready to invest yourself into a truly rewarding job opportunity, please email your resume to


Saylor Physical Therapy Wellington
Saylor Physical Therapy Wellington

Current Opportunities:

Employment Type: Full-Time Physical Therapist

Qualifications: NC or FL Licensed Physical Therapist based on location (We welcome new graduates)


ALL LOCATIONS (see locations)

Other: Competitive Pay, Continuing Education Assistance, Flexible Schedule, Private Treatment Office

 Job Description:

    • Develop, implement, and adapt personalized treatment plans using current evidence-based techniques.
    • Utilize manual therapy techniques in treatment plans when appropriate.
    • Document accurately, thoroughly, and in a timely manner according to facility, state, and payer guidelines.
    • Collaborate with colleagues to promote an excellent work environment with an emphasis on receiving and providing mentorship.
    • Contribute to the facility’s growth of client relations in the community.
    • Collaborate with Therapists and Management.


If you are ready to invest yourself into a truly rewarding job opportunity, please email your resume to

“After dislocating my knee, tearing multiple ligaments, and fracturing my Tibia playing tackle football, it seemed like everyone told me my career as an athlete was over. Eight months and 2 surgeries later, not only do I have full flexion in my knee, I am also back in my cleats on the field. I owe it all to the staff at Saylor Physical Therapy. Many Thanks!!!! ”

Hileia F. - Palm Beach Gardens

“I came to Saylor Physical Therapy with shoulder pain and lack of mobility in my left shoulder. I was taking medication for relief. After eight sessions I was no longer in pain and had increased my range of motion. Not only was the pain gone but I had exercises that I could continue on my own. When I started working with the therapist my goal was to no longer need medication for my pain and that goal was reached.”

Judy A. - Lake Mary

“I have really enjoyed my experience here at Saylor PT. Everyone was so nice to me from the first day I walked in. Eric Ford is a great person. He knows his stuff. I have come a long ways. I couldn’t even lift my arm when I first came. Thanks to Eric I can lift it over my head. I have all my motion now. I am so thankful that I came here. I will miss everyone.”

Teresa M. - Mooresville

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We specialize in trauma, sports, work-related, and pre and post-surgical cases. Our Physical Therapists pride themselves on providing individual care based on the patient’s comprehensive situation with our ONE-Factor Method of Care

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