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We understand that you are in pain and not sure what to expect from your first physical therapy visit. Don’t worry, we have made preparing for your first visit with us a breeze with our “Frequently Asked Questions.” 

What to wear?
You should always wear comfortable, athletic attire to physical therapy. If you are being seen for a lower-extremity problem (i.e. knee, hip, leg, etc.), we ask that you bring/wear shorts and sneakers.

If you have an upper extremity issue (i.e. shoulder, elbow, etc.) please wear clothing that will allow exposure of the area to be examined, like a t-shirt or tank top. You are always welcome to change in our private treatment rooms.

What to bring?
When you head out the door for your first appointment, there are a few items we ask you to bring along:

  • Completed New Patient Paperwork Forms (DOWNLOAD BELOW)
  • A Photo ID
  • Your Insurance card(s) or Workers Comp/Auto claim #
  • Your physicians prescription (if required by your insurance)
  • Your Copayment (if required by your insurance plan)
  • A List of any Medications you are currently taking
  • Any Medical Records or Imaging results (MRI films) your Physician has provided

To make your first visit easier, we encourage our new patients to complete the necessary paperwork ahead of time and at your leisure.

Please click and print out the New Patient forms below, then either bring them completed with you to your first appointment or email: them directly to our office prior to your first visit.


Saylor Physical Therapy - Mooresville
Saylor Physical Therapy - Mooresville

If you have any questions about your appointment contact us today!

What to expect during your appointment?
On your initial appointment, your physical therapist will perform an evaluation to assess your injury/impairments. Your evaluation will include a thorough personal history, a review of symptoms, and various tests and measures to gain a more specific understanding of your diagnosis. Upon completion of your evaluation, a treatment program will be designed to address the problems identified, and together you and your therapist will establish functional goals.

How long will my visit last?
At Saylor Physical Therapy, all office visits are Personalized, Individual and for One Full Hour. This allows for quality treatment time and quicker recovery!

How often will I have therapy sessions?
Your treatment program is personalized depending upon your condition and plan of care. Your therapist will be able to give you an estimate of treatment duration after your initial evaluation. Because our patient visits are always One Full Hour, we typically are able to decrease the overall number of visits needed and shorten your recovery time.

How do I schedule follow-up appointments?
Appointments are made with the front office staff or with your physical therapist. You should check in and out with them at each visit.

Who will be involved in my physical therapy?
Our Physical Therapy services are provided only by licensed physical therapists. Your specialized treatment program does NOT involve a multi-team approach, therefore, you are never passed off to an assistant or another staff member during your visit with us.

Will I always see the same therapist?
It is our policy to schedule you with the same Physical Therapist for each of your visits to our clinic. Occasionally, substitutions must be made because of therapist staff vacation, illness, or participation in continuing education courses.

Saylor Physical Therapy - Mooresville
Saylor Physical Therapy - Mooresville

 Do you accept my Insurance Plan?
Yes, we accept all Insurance Plans. We are an In-Network Provider with Medicare and an Out-of-Network Provider with all other insurance plans to be able to offer the best Physical Therapy care for every patient.

**Most insurance carriers offer Out-of-Network benefits. If your deductible has been met, we will accept reimbursement from your insurance carrier and it costs you $0.00 to come to our office. *Please note your insurance benefits depend upon your insurance plan and deductible. However, regardless of your Insurance Plan and Coverage, we will work with you and determine a plan that meets your needs and budget. We believe every person deserves to be pain-free and have the BEST physical therapy care.

What should I do if I am unable to make my appointment?
In order to accommodate each patient’s schedule, reserving time slots for treatments is very important to operate our facilities efficiently. Canceling an appointment at the last minute or failing to come in for a session limits our ability to meet the scheduling needs of our other patients. Therefore, we request that all cancellations be made at least 24 hours in advance of an appointment. A cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations with less than 24-hour notice.

Will my doctor be kept updated on my treatments and progress?
Absolutely. A copy of your initial evaluation will be sent to your referring physician, along with regular progress notes to keep your physician updated on your progress and current functional status. Communication with all parties is an important part of your treatment program.

What will happen when I am discharged?
Upon discharge, you will be adequately prepared to leave physical therapy, and your home exercise program will be updated accordingly. You may contact your physical therapist anytime with questions or concerns.

"If you are in need of physical therapy, this is the place to go. I worked with Brandon for a back injury and he was prepared and personable. His explanations and processes utilized our time effectively. My exercise plan worked and I'm back to my old self. Brandon is simply the best in the business. Kayla performed my initial and final evaluations. She is equally knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable when I was in pain. Everyone there is so nice. The ladies at the front desk greeted me always like we were old friends. Thanks to Brandon, Kayla and the office staff, I made it through a tough time and feel amazing now."

Alana M. - Mooresville

"I can not say enough about how wonderful Saylor Therapy is. To start out, the office is wonderful, from a beach themed design to private rooms which made me very comfortable.You're greeted by friendly Shannon and Hanna. I had excruciating pain from a deteriorating L4 and Dr. Isaac Spencer was my PT. He is fabulous, wonderful, patient, and more. I completed my therapy feeling great and will continue to do PT on my own based on what I learned going through this. I will be needing some foot surgery and will be going back to Saylor should I need PT. Thank You Saylor Therapy."

NC Nana - Mooresville

“I have really enjoyed my experience here at Saylor PT. Everyone was so nice to me from the first day I walked in. Eric Ford is a great person. He knows his stuff. I have come a long ways. I couldn’t even lift my arm when I first came. Thanks to Eric I can lift it over my head. I have all my motion now. I am so thankful that I came here. I will miss everyone.”

Teresa M. - Mooresville

"I was having terrible neck and shoulder pain which would also wake me up 4 to 5 times during the night. I was referred to Saylor Physical Therapy in Mooresville. Isaac evaluated my issues by taking measurements of my range of motions and asking questions. I was assigned to Brandon and an exercise plan to meet my specific needs was implemented. After 2 visits I was feeling a lot less pain and was not waking up at night. After 10 visits, and doing the exercises at home in between visits, my pain level went from 8 to 2. I cannot say enough good things about Brandon, Isaac and the office staff. Thank you so much Brandon for your help and guidance!"

Kathy E. - Mooresville

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