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About Us

We are an independent outpatient physical therapy clinic located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We are dedicated to being a Quality based clinic not quantity based.

Specializing in trauma, sports, work-related, and pre and post-surgical cases. Our Physical Therapists pride themselves on providing individual care based on the patient’s comprehensive situation with our ONE-Factor Method of Care


Neck & Back pain

Are you suffering from neck and back pain? At Saylor PT  Palm Beach, we can treat your neck and back pain. Learn more about symptoms, related issues, and treatment options.

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Shoulder, Elbow, & hand Pain

If you are experiencing shoulder, elbow, or hand pain we are here for you. Learn more about symptoms, related issues, and treatment options.

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Hip & Knee Pain

Are you suffering from hip or knee pain? At Saylor PT Palm Beach, we can treat your hip and neck pain. Learn more about symptoms, related issues, and treatment options.

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Foot & Ankle pain

Are you suffering from foot or ankle pain? At Saylor PT Palm, we can treat your foot and ankle pain. Learn more about symptoms, related issues, and treatment options.

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Sports & Injury Therapy

Are you looking for sports therapy or injury therapy? The therapists at Saylor Therapy Palm Beach at experts in sports therapy and injury therapy. See our treatment options.

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Personal Training

Do you need training or corrective exercise? At Saylor PT Palm Beach, we specialize in personal training and corrective exercise. Learn more about the options we provide.

L E A R N   M O R E

“After dislocating my knee, tearing multiple ligaments, and fracturing my Tibia playing tackle football, it seemed like everyone told me my career as an athlete was over. Eight months and 2 surgeries later, not only do I have full flexion in my knee, I am also back in my cleats on the field. I owe it all to the staff at Saylor Physical Therapy. Many Thanks!!!! ”

Hileia F. - Palm Beach Gardens

"The entire staff at Saylor PT in Palm Beach Gardens delivers outstanding service. I had the great pleasure to work on my shoulder physical therapy with Jenna Mattatall who was amazing, providing great hands-on therapy as well as on-site flexibility & strengthening activities and direction for at-home activities. She has a great attitude coupled with extensive knowledge and experience. Anyone who gets to work with Jenna is in fantastic hands!"

L Boogie. - Palm Beach

"Having experienced physical therapy at other locations in Michigan and Florida, I did not want to repeat the "mass production" feel of sharing a therapist and a prescribed set of exercises used for all patients. Saylor employs one therapist for each client, tailoring the treatment to the individual. Additionally, each therapist has his/her own treatment room, so the privacy is ideal. The main room is spacious and well-equipped, and it has never been over-crowded. My therapist, Mariah, was dedicated to figuring out how to help me, and she did a great job. She is skilled and has a warm, caring personality. I'm very appreciative of her help. The office staff is friendly and efficient, greeting each client upon entering and leaving. Saylor is 5-star in my opinion."

Sandy D. - Palm Beach

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